About me

Adam Bude

My sales and business career spans nearly 30 years, covering all facets of selling.

I’ve sold business to business and business to consumer, both face to face and telephone based, in retail and wholesale markets.

Working as a sales representative, business development manager, consultant, sales manager, and small business owner in both traditional and non-traditional business. I’ve dealt with all spectrums of the market, across multiple industries including automotive, property investment, advertising, financial markets, personal development, property management, business broking through to insolvency.

I’ve trained, coached, and mentored salespeople and entrepreneurs worldwide to build successful businesses and become experts in their field.

My first six figure annual income in sales came in my first commission only job back in 2001. My first six figure month profit came in my first business back in 2016.

I done hard selling, being labelled the closer, to detached selling, allowing people to buy for themselves. What I learned over all this time is that when working sales to sell, for money as the driver, that I lost focus on who I was serving and the reasons why people want to buy from me. In nearly all cases I fell out of alignment with my core values and integrity as a person.

My sales journey has been both exciting and scary. In many roles, if I didn’t sell, we didn’t eat. But what I have come to realize is that money is simply an exchange for service and it’s just energy. By helping enough people get what they want in life, I know I will ultimately get what I want.

My goal is to change the way business is done. I hate watching people being sold into products and services they don’t want or need just for $$.

I’ve learned that the reason people want to buy from me is because they like me and trust me. My authentic sales training academy is all about teaching people how to be authentic in their actions and communication for the greater good of the person they serve. So that they create great ongoing relationships with customers who become raving fans that repeat buy from you and become your greatest form of ongoing referral business.


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The Art of Authentic Selling

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