Authentic Selling Increases Results

Authenticity is a hot topic. It’s something that I spruik heavily in relation to sales.

After a brief mastermind with a mentor of mine, it was raised again in conversation that being authentic in your sales naturally increases your results, dramatically.

The reason for this is simply because, people are buying you!

Now, what does that mean?

Essentially, what happens is our buyers are connecting with us, as people first, they’re not connecting with us and what we do first.

For example, you could be a real estate agent (and there’s millions of real estate agents out there), so why would somebody want to buy from you and not your competitor?

With all the noise, agents are ultimately competing on price to get the listing.

Unless someone’s coming to them via a recommendation, where trust levels are heightened.

That’s why, taking your sales to the next level by building relationships, we are laying all our cards on the table. Especially if you display vulnerability.

When you display your authentic vulnerability in your communication, it demonstrates who you are as a person.

Personally, I want to connect with people first. Then I decide if I want to buy from them.

It has a very different energy to those who demonstrate a polished sales performance.

You can tell when someone is scripting something and they’re trying to be perfect about the message that they’re giving you. They put everything into the performance, hoping that you say, where do I sign??

Through your authenticity, what you are doing, is demonstrating your passion too! And people buy passion!!

So how do we become more passionate about what we do?

We speak truthfully about what we do.

We get excited about what we do.

We share and be loud and proud about what we do, naturally. It’s not the words that we say. It’s how we deliver.

That’s what people want to buy.

When we are increasing our authenticity in our passion, how can people not be drawn into what it is that we are doing?

Think about it in a social sense. Are you more attracted to someone who’s vibrant? Someone who’s got a positive energy, someone that’s just magnetic?

I am. Especially when they’re genuine.

So, bring that into your sales and business world and you watch your results soar!

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