Do You Like Being Sold To?

The thought of this question is quite provoking…

Let’s face it, how many people like being sold to, yet why do 95% of business do this?

Reason I ask, I had this very conversation with a sales coach this week and it got me thinking.

This person asked this question in their group:

“How do you like being sold to?”

My response was, I don’t like to be sold to, period.

The reply that came back to me was sales is an essential thing, (yes, I agree), and we all need to learn how to sell. But it’s the “icky” salespeople that are doing unscrupulous sales activity, that makes people question more about why they don’t like selling.

Obviously as a business owner, we are in business to make money. To make money, we need to get good at selling. Or we need to get better at problem solving???

I learned when I was working as a business broker, that most business owners have no idea how to sell.

They can’t sell.

They’re scared to sell.

They don’t want to be seen as that sleazy or icky salesperson, etc.

And because of that, many businesses are in fact leaving a lot of un-realised profits sitting on the table.

Now, the reason that I’m sharing this topic with you is today, is because the purpose of writing my book, “The Art of Authentic Selling”, was to talk about how we can sell in a different way.

How we can attract our audience to want to buy from us, instead of us selling to them.

We move away from selling and we then move into collaborating.

People nowadays want to connect with individuals that they believe not only understands them, but that they can provide a solution to their problem.

The process of finding people who want to buy from you is simple.

  1. Understand what our customers’ needs are.
  2. Then what their wants are.
  3. And finally, why having those wants covered are important to them.

If we can get their needs and their wants and their whys, and we’re operating from a space of collaboration to solve a problem.

If we can provide a solution, then that great, because that’s not selling to them. It’s offering a service.

There are no ‘manipulating outcomes’ here.

That is the difference.

Sadly, most sales trainer out there really focus on teaching people two things.

  1. How do we overcome an objection,
  2. How do we close the.

But they’re not teaching people how to collaborate. How to problem solve.

Collaborating builds deeper levels of trust. It strengthens the relationships, and we position ourselves as expert leaders, not salespeople.

By behaving this we, we demonstrate a different and better way to do business.

If you want to learn my about why we need to be better in business, grab a copy of my book, .

I come from a 25+ year commission sales background.

I’ve been a sales animal.

I’ve been a closer.

I know exactly what businesses are doing to get sales.

That is why I now know there is a much better way to make money and close more sales.

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