Brain Based Business

Have you ever wondered why some people just nail it when it comes to getting more sales in their businesses?

We’ve heard of the old gift of the gab, and people that can sell ice to Eskimos etc…

But unfortunately, that type of stuff is transactional.

When we are looking at relationship selling, it all comes down to understanding basic human behaviour.

And by that, I’m talking about understanding how our brain works.

Brain based business, is comprehending how the human mind works, and what our basic human needs are.

Human beings want to be loved, appreciated, and accepted. That’s it!

If we can have all three of those needs meant in life, we’re going to be as happy as Larry.

Now, where does that fit in business?

Do we see in businesspeople that are loved for who they are and what they do? No.

Do we see people in business that are appreciated? Sometimes.

Do we see people in business that are accepted? Absolutely not!

If they were accepted, there’d be no such thing as the competition for keeping your jobs.

Now, let’s explore brain-based business and how the brain works.

We have three main brains.

We’ve got the cortex, we’ve got the limbic, and we’ve got the reptilian brain.

The cortex is our logical, our analytical, our rational thinking, our reasoning part of the brain.

People that are operating from a cortex mind, are trying to rationalize and justify their sales as reason to manipulate the outcome, in most cases, for their benefit. That’s transactional.

They are the people that say to people, did you know that you had this problem? (Which is out of the blue).

But don’t worry, as it happens, we’ve got the perfect solution that can fix that for you! … #vomit

People see it coming a mile away.

Do you want to work with people that operate from their cortex mind, who you now know are using the analytical process to get you over the line?



Because what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to emotionally guide me through the, um, through the journey to get the sale for themselves.

Then, there are people that you can just tell are so desperate for the sale, and they’ll do anything and say anything that they need, in order to make you buy.

Those people are operating from the reptilian mind, which is the oldest part of the brain because they are in survival mode. They are in flight or fight mode. I’m sure you have heard someone that says, “I’m just trying to survive”.

Do you want to operate with someone that is in survival mode?


Why? Because they’re irrational with their thinking and again, well don’t give two stuffs about you, the consumer!

Then we have the limbic mind.

Now, the limbic mind is all about human feeling.

When living in a transactional world, if we incorporate the human basic needs into that world, we then bring in our prospect’s feelings. The ones that make them want to buy.

People buy on emotion and then they justify it with logic.

That’s the way that it works.

Those who are getting more business are the ones that understand the importance on how they make their clients feel. It has nothing at all to do with what is said.

If your clients feel great after their time with you, they’re going to make a motivated buying decision.

You will sell way more products and services, because deep down, your clients know you care about them first.

So, when you understand basic brain function, then all you need to do is look at how you are behaving, which brain are you innately operating from?

The reptilian brain (fight and flight, all on survival)?

The cortex brain (where you’re trying to really analyse, rationalize, and make things logical).

Or, from limbic brain, which is all about how you can make them feel, on the solutions that we can provide, for their outcomes that are best for our clients!

When you genuinely care about the difference you make to your client’s lives, you will have a deeper connection and I guarantee you, your sales and profits, will go through the roof.

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