Burn out

The average salesperson burns out within 14 months, whether that’s in a job or even in your own business. Now, why do you think that is?

The reason that people burn out is because they’re filling up from the outside. They’re not filling up from the inside.

I was having a conversation this morning, straight after one of our business network meetings that I attend, and I was talking with a particular business owner there. He was telling me that he’s really struggling to get motivated again.

The reason that he was struggling to get motivated was because it was about money. I suggested to understand when it comes to filling up from the inside, we must be clear on what’s our “WHY”.

I talk a lot about this in my program, (The Authentic Sales Training Course), my live workshops, and book, that getting clear on our why is critically important for long-term success.

Now let’s remove the money from the equation, take it out, so we can get really clear on the internal motivation as to why we’re going to get up in the morning, why we’re going to do what we do, why we continue to push through the tough times, why we want to make a difference to people’s lives.

Drill right down until you get to a point where you can understand that all the reasons that you are operating from are coming from within. It’s not about money, it’s about filling up from the inside and exerting that to the world because that’s what people are buying. They’re buying your passion. They’re buying your reasons. They’re wanting to be attracted to you because they resonate with you. And if your why is all about money, people can see that a mile away.

If your why is about being of service to others because of how it makes you feel, because of the difference that it makes to your life, because of how you like other people to feel from your interactions, and from the service that you’re providing, then you are going to have a team of long-term ongoing business associates that will refer to you. Simply because they believe in you, your vision and your mission. Most importantly, they believe in your values.

And the reason they do that is because they trust you. And the reason they trust you is because they know that you’re operating from a genuine, authentic space with a vested interest on what it makes you feel as opposed to what you can get from them.

So that’s my little blog tip for you today. You will not burn out if you are operating from within and to operate from within, you must be clear on your why.

If you found that message valuable, I’ve got a lot of different messages for you in my six-pillar program, it’s a 32-step process on how to become an authentic sales leader, how to connect, how to communicate, and how to convert your leads into raving customers forever.

Make it a great day on planet earth, you absolutely deserve it.

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