Buyer’s Remorse

Ahh, buyer’s remorse.

What is it, and how do people get it?

To understand that better, ask yourself, have you ever experienced buyer’s remorse?

Have you purchased something and then gone away and thought to yourself later, why did I do that? What was the reason for buying it? Did I really want or need it??

We’ve all have!

People are constantly selling to us all the time. Which is why most consumers are starting to switch off.

They’re becoming disengaged from all the companies out there promoting their products and services.

Like I’ve said before, people are sick of being sold to.

So how does it happen?

Simple. People essentially buy on emotion and then we justify that decision with logic.

Really good salespeople and sales companies have worked out how to juice someone up, how to get them emotionally involved and engaged.

They’re using a lot of subconscious hypnotic messaging in their sales process.

For example, they say things like, “can you see yourself doing this” and “how do you feel about that”? And “could you imagine this” etc…. all designed to manipulate an outcome of you saying yes,

But, when people get time to come back down to earth, they soon realise exactly what just happened.

So, if you’ve been in a situation like that, think about whether you are putting your customers or your clients in that next time you connect.

How are you making them feel after the fact of a sale occurring?

What could be the possible outcome of your reputation?

Eventually you will find your constantly needing to remarket to new clients. Constantly having to promote and prospect. It’s a trap and that’s going to get you into a situation where you have no long-term sustainability.

So, we want to move away from doing things with the wrong intention, to doing things with the right intention so that our customers never experience buyer’s remorse.

Remember this, people in a sales or business environment won’t remember what you said to them, but they will remember how you made them feel, during and after the fact.

They will never speak highly of you. They will never recommend you and they will never, ever refer to you.

Why is this important? The cost of a new client versus the cost of a repeat client is five times as much.

The person that keeps re-buying from you is the person that will keep referring to you.

Do you want to have a business where you’re constantly smashing and grabbing and just trying to get a quick fix or do you want a long-term solution?

Repeat business and referral business, is a much better way to operate. None of those people will ever experience buyer’s remorse from you because you are acting within the integrity you are working with the right intention.

Your value is to be of service to them, not for what you can get for yourself.

And when you come from that space, your sales will go through the roof. You will close more deals. People will feel more comfortable. You will build more, a trust. You will have more rapport. You will have a stronger bottom line. And that is the reason that we are in business to begin with. Make more money so that we can be of more service to the greater good of humanity!

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Until we meet again, make it a GREAT day, you deserve it 😊

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