More Leads Does NOT = More Sales

So many small business owners are focusing on getting more leads into their business, instead of focusing on increasing their sales conversion rates on the leads that they have. It’s a massive disconnect. Small business owners spend more time, more money, more effort in their lead generation, and don’t channel the same into their sales […]

Your Business is UNSELLABLE

I’ve got a lot of experience now working with small business owners, that are building a business, who get to the point of selling, only to tell them, I’m sorry, what you have is not worth anything. This is quite an important topic that most small business owners will face. So, let’s start at the […]

Brain Based Business

Have you ever wondered why some people just nail it when it comes to getting more sales in their businesses? We’ve heard of the old gift of the gab, and people that can sell ice to Eskimos etc… But unfortunately, that type of stuff is transactional. When we are looking at relationship selling, it all […]

Don’t Hate Selling

Do you as a small business owner, hate selling? Interesting question, and one I hear all the time with business owners I speak with, especially those that are currently struggle making sales. Recently I had had a sales strategy session with one of my clients. The first part of our session was to uncover what’s […]

Forcing The Outcome

Have you found that you may have been “forcing the outcome” in order to get sales in your business? I recently had a great strategy session around flow, with Erin Searle from Why Flow. Erin was talking about how we get into a state of energetically, to help create much better results in our businesses. […]

Skill Shortages are Killing Your Scale-Up

Is the current skill shortage killing your business scale up? It’s a common problem I am seeing with business owners now stopping the expansion and growth of their businesses. If you don’t have the right staff, it’s impossible. But how do you attract them to want to work with you? To help you overcome this […]

Sales v Profits

Would you like another $30,000 on your bottom line today? Do you know the difference between increased sales versus increased profits? When I speak to business owners, often, the focus is on getting more sales, when in fact the focus must be on making more profit. It’s too easy as a small business owner to […]


Do you prejudge your leads, or do you pre-qualify your leads? There is a massive difference, yet when living in a transactional environment, too often I see business owners prejudging all potential prospects with, “How much money can I make from you”. Let me ask, do you understand the difference is between prejudging and pre-qualifying? […]

Phone Fear

Do you suffer from phone fear? So many people in business are afraid to pick up the phone and call someone. Why is that? It’s quite simple… The reason people have phone fear is because they’re afraid of rejection on the other end of the phone, not the phone itself. The handset is not going […]