Business suicide is when business owners don’t follow up their quotes, presentations, and appointments. Did you know that over 48% of companies, salespeople, business owners do not follow up? They don’t call them, there’s no emails, no SMS’s, nothing. How absurd!! And it makes me wonder, why don’t business owners follow up, because 48% is […]

Old School Selling Is Dead

That’s a firm topic to talk about, but it’s a relevant topic because if you look at how business is being done now, people are sick of being sold to, tired of being harassed, tired of being misled and tired of being manipulated to buy. People know when you are coming straight for their money. […]

Sales is a long-term game

What I see a lot of now is people that are looking for instant results, which makes sense in a world full of instant gratification. But what we know, is that business is a long-term play. When we go into business, we go into business with the idea of creating a better future life for […]

Authentic Selling Increases Results

Authenticity is a hot topic. It’s something that I spruik heavily in relation to sales. After a brief mastermind with a mentor of mine, it was raised again in conversation that being authentic in your sales naturally increases your results, dramatically. The reason for this is simply because, people are buying you! Now, what does […]

How To Close More Sales Faster

One of the biggest challenges business owner faces, is time. We all know that we are busy in our businesses and in life. And the biggest challenge that we have is simply not having enough hours in the day to get done what we need to get done. Now that becomes a real problem, particularly […]

Selling More as a Business Owner

When we are in business for ourselves, as small business owner, what many don’t understand, is that you are the best salesperson in your business! The reason people buy from your business, is because of you. There are two types of business owners I come across all the time. The business owner that loves sales […]

Connection Sales Strategy

Old school selling tactics is a thing of the past. After spending over 2 decades in the direct sales industry, which is the toughest sales environment to be in, I learned that to close more sales, I had to do things differently. That’s when I went to work on refining and improving my communication skills […]


I wanted to talk to you about the importance of prospecting when it comes to business development and making more sales. We need to continually prospect daily to keep filling our funnel and pipeline, so that we’ve got more leads coming through our system, resulting in more people to talk to, so we can then […]

Selling from Features and Benefits?

Do you know the difference between selling from a “features and benefits” place versus selling from “Making a difference” to someone’s life place? I see business owners and salespeople focusing on the wrong thing every time and wondering why they are not making more sales. When people are “trying to sell”, its simple to see […]