Direct Marketing Is Failing You

Have you ever wondered why direct marketing may be failing you in your business?

People are putting so much money into marketing that simply cannot work and does not work, for the better part of most businesses.

Now why is that?

Well, it’s quite simple.

The first thing that we must understand is that when we are out there marketing cold to people, we are technically spamming them.

And how many people love being spammed?

Not many. I personally can’t stand it.

When I’m sitting on Facebook or LinkedIn and I’m scrolling through my feed and all I see is ad after ad, or PM’s trying to sell their crap day after day, I become frustrated.

It’s tedious and it’s boring.

And the reason that it’s tedious and it’s boring is because I know that these people are just trying to get a sale, and the reason on top of that, that it does not work with most people is quite simple.

Because every human being interacts completely differently.

Now, what do I mean by that?

Well, you’ve got people subconsciously communicate 4 ways.

1.    Auditory. Meaning, the learn and interact through listening.
2.    Kinaesthetic. They learn and interact through feeling.
3.    Visual. They learn and interact through their sight
4.     And Auditory Digital is when they learn and interact sound and speech.

So, as a professional marketer, how can you physically market to effective capture all people understanding different people all communicate completely differently.

It simply comes down to learning how to effectively communicate.

That is why transactional business is failing! Especially when people need over 21 touchpoints to have enough trust in you to want to buy.

To effectively cater to all your audience, you must utilise all forms of methods. Videos, audios, written content, and most of all, testimonials in all forms of marketing!

The marketing world can tell you whatever they want to tell you.

But the reality is, unless you have all four bases of basic human communication covered when connecting with your prospects, you’re wasting time and your money.

Once you have this covered, its time to move away from selling, then move into collaborating.

Switching from the transactional world, the industrial age business model that we have been operating from for years (because consumers do not care about what you are selling), to the relationship world, where you collaborate with your prospects (who only want to know how you can help them) and you will close more sales.

After this switch, watch how your communication levels with your prospects and clients goes up x10 fold and you will never, ever sell yourself out of business.
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