Don’t Hate Selling

Do you as a small business owner, hate selling?

Interesting question, and one I hear all the time with business owners I speak with, especially those that are currently struggle making sales.

Recently I had had a sales strategy session with one of my clients. The first part of our session was to uncover what’s holding them back from achieving the levels of success they wanted. The answer was simply, I’m not selling enough packages.

Then they said to me, “Adam I just hate selling, I don’t like doing it, I can’t stand it” … Ultimately because of that, it’s having a huge impact on my sales…

That makes a lot of sense!

So, after pealing the top layer of onion back a little, what I suggested to my client, was that we must understand what our genius is, what we are here to do, what our purpose is, first.

Now the story of this client is deeply profound, with serious emotion attached to it.

Now, if we’re looking at going into the marketplace with the intention of selling packages, where is our intention placed?

Is the intention being on selling a product, or being of service?

If the intention is to close a sale, and it’s something that you don’t like doing, then you are going to repel a lot of people coming to you.

Not only will you repel them, but you are never going to get them over the line because the hidden (subconscious) intention behind it is all wrong. Here comes the icky, sleezy salesperson in me that I can’t stand…

So, let’s move away from focusing on selling more packages, to being clear on what you do, more importantly, why you do it, and the exact problem in other people’s lives you solve. What is the essence behind your why? With this client, it was absolutely her heart.

Her purpose driven mission on wanting to change lives and wanting to save lives and helping people through the transition on how they can have a completely different outcome in their life.

Now that’s raw, pure, and believable. That’s the inner drive, the internal passion to operate from. People will come a mile away to be in the presence of somebody who exudes this.

In the traditional world, what I call “Industrial selling” where people are operating externally to fulfill their needs, are transactional in their purpose.

If we’re filling up from the outside to get the deal, then, the energy attached to that is all wrong.

But when we are filling up from the inside, the purpose, the passion, the drive, the reason behind why we do what we do, the question then I pose is, are we selling? We are not, we are being of service when coming from that space.

That is the “New age” of selling, called relationship selling.

Now that was a big “AHA” moment for this client of.

Where were then able to unpack her deeper level goals, discover her future vision, and create a pathway to achieve it.

All whilst being focused on making a difference to the world, not closing a sale.

There is NO icky sales tactics here.

The reason that most small business owners suck at sales (and when I say suck at sales), I was a business broker for two years and after assessing every business that came my way to sell, sadly 90% of them were unsellable, is because in nearly every case, the business owners don’t like selling.

Don’t want to be the salesperson, they were too scared to sell, they hate the dodgy sales tactics used on them and ultimately because of that, left a lot of money on the table.

Why? Because their intention in these cases is all about closing a deal.

When their intention is fulfilling their life’s purpose, then the meaning attached to the conversations are much deeper, profound, and impactful, something you will never achieve being transactional.

Why? Because you are collaborating with the other person who wants your help.

The reality is that our consumers, our customers, our clients, they don’t care about us, our wants, or our needs.

All they care about is, can we help them achieve what they want to achieve?

And if we can help them do that, with the right reasons, then of course, the next step is simple.

Are you excited to get started?? And away we go.

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