Selling from Features and Benefits?

Do you know the difference between selling from a “features and benefits” place versus selling from “Making a difference” to someone’s life place?

I see business owners and salespeople focusing on the wrong thing every time and wondering why they are not making more sales.

When people are “trying to sell”, its simple to see that’s what going on.

If you are working from features and benefits, all you are doing is sharing information. Yes, people need to understand some of that information in many cases, but where the sale is really made, where your conversion rates and closing rates through the roof, is when you are focusing more on the difference that what you are making to someone’s life.

People want to know when they’re making a purchase, that the item or service that they’re buying will make a difference to their lives at some capacity.

Ultimately, they don’t care about all the finer details.

I’ll give you an example.

If you’re selling solar.

You can talk about the features and benefits of having solar panels, what’s in them, what they are made from, how they work, the amount of energy they save etc… but the bottom line is, how much money will that save me, and what can I do with the saved money instead?

What benefit does that make to my life if I install them?

If you are talking to someone who’s analytically minded, those finer details are important. But most of the people we talk to are not analytically minded.

Most of the people we talk to want to connect.

So, if a solar salesperson wants more sales, its as easy as saying, “imagine if you could save yourself $300 a quarter that’s $1,200 a year or $500 a quarter. That’s $2,000 a year – what difference would that make to your life”

Does that mean you can now go on a holiday? Does that mean you can now buy another computer? Does that mean you can now put your kids through the school because of the money that you’re saving etc…?

Talking about the features and benefits of the item is just passing on information, but if you really want to take your business to the next level, talk about the difference that that will make to someone’s life!

When you are connecting with people on that emotional level, they will buy more from you because you’re making them feel good.

Remember in every sales transaction, people aren’t going to remember the specifics of what you say to them, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

So if you want to increase your conversion rates, a very simple technique is to move away from features and benefits, and focus more on the difference your product or service makes make to someone’s life.

I hope that provides you a little bit of insight into intangible selling, and some value in how you can make more money in your business today.

If you would like to take this conversation further, you can book in a free strategy call where we can sit down for 15 minutes, look at how you are using this process right now in your business, and how we can very quickly change that around for you in a heartbeat!

Book your call today!

Make it a great day, you deserve it.

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