Business suicide is when business owners don’t follow up their quotes, presentations, and appointments.

Did you know that over 48% of companies, salespeople, business owners do not follow up?

They don’t call them, there’s no emails, no SMS’s, nothing. How absurd!!

And it makes me wonder, why don’t business owners follow up, because 48% is a huge amount.

There’s a couple of reasons for it.

One, and I hear this all the time… “We are just too busy” to follow up.

If you are too busy to follow up, I can guarantee you that you will run out of business very, very soon.

If you are in a situation where you don’t have the time to make those follow up calls, you’re losing business every single time.

Not only you’re losing business today, but you’re losing future business as well. AND you are tarnishing your brand, reputation and name.

I’ll give you an example.

In January this year, I contacted an arborist to have a quote done for my garden.

At that time, they all had COVID, and couldn’t quote. In fact, no one actually got back until I reconnected with them, four months later.

I asked them if they have got over COVID yet and if they are you ready to start quoting again?

Then I got the same old excuses, oh sorry, blah, blah, blah…

Doesn’t leave a great feeling for me, and I’m definitely not going to buy from that company again, or worst still, ever refer to them again.

Why? Because their attention to detail to follow up is not there.

It doesn’t give me faith to trust they can deliver on the job in a timely manner either. The perception is everything.

Business owners like this are bogged down in their business and yet to realise how to scale their business for great levels of success.

I highly recommend figuring out how to scale, have more systems in place and more boots on the ground that can do that work for you.

It’s very simple to see a business go from zero to hero, by simply following up!

48%. Of business owners who don’t follow-up is an unbelievable statistic. But it is a fact.

Here’s another interesting stat for you.

75% of consumers need between two and four follow ups from us, in order for them to be ready to buy.

So, if you are putting out a hundred quotes a month for your business or whatever it is, and you are not following up, how much business have you lost. Moreso, given to your competitors?

What’s also interesting is that out of that 75% of people that require two to four follow up calls, 35-50% of those will buy from the first person that has followed up.

It’s simple. If you want to increase your sales conversions and business profits, FOLLOW-UP your leads!

Otherwise, your competitors will love you for ever as you feather their nests, not yours!

Now, it’s not hard to do now.

You just need a simple system to follow.

How I do it is easy.

The first follow up is a, a phone call 24hrs later.

Did you get everything? Is there anything else that we need? Do you have any more questions etc..

Then, if I haven’t heard back from them 48 hours later, I’ll send them a text message.

If there’s still no response, I will then follow it up with an email a further 48hrs later.

That email is covering everything that we spoke about. It’s putting it in a finite time for them to respond by and I let them know that this will be my final follow up.

The reason that I tell them that this would be my final follow up is. I respect their time. I also respect my time. And I’m not interested in hassling people to buy.

I want to empower people to buy.

If I’ve done a good enough job or my initial presentation, I know that “X” amount of people will ask me then and there, what’s the next step.

The difference between those that succeed and those that don’t succeed in business, is those who follow up have a system that gives the buyer the opportunity to buy.

When we understand that the follow up call is a crucial part of your system, and once you get that system in place correctly, I can guarantee you, you can almost double your sales overnight!

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