Forcing The Outcome

Have you found that you may have been “forcing the outcome” in order to get sales in your business?

I recently had a great strategy session around flow, with Erin Searle from Why Flow.

Erin was talking about how we get into a state of energetically, to help create much better results in our businesses.

It reminded me about the distinction I learned many years ago between Force v’s Flow, and what I see all the time, is so many business owners are forcing themselves, their products and services onto their consumers, customers, clients, to create the outcome, they’re wanting to achieve.

For a moment, have a think about how your buyers, customers or prospects feel with the energy that you are exerting on them.

Are they feeling like they want to connect with you? Are they feeling like they want to hang around you? Are they feeling like they want to you, more to the point, are they feeling like they want to do any business with you or ever buy from you?

In most cases, the answer is no, they don’t.

Nobody likes being forced upon or sold to.

So many business owners and salespeople operate from that space where they’re forcing the outcome onto their potential prospects.

Now, when we flip that around to flow, take a moment to consider the energy you are putting out.

Is that more attractive?



Because it’s our natural state of being.

Things become easy, and everything always moves into perfect alignment because the is no friction.

One of the questions that Erin asked me was, “Have I ever been in a state of flow in my business?”

I answered very quickly. Yes, I have. Every single time I’m sitting down with a business owner and we’re collaborating.

I know I’m in that state of flow because time flies. My energy levels are higher, I have complete “buy-in” from my clients and the communication is empowering.

It really is exciting!

So, will more people come to me if I’m forcing myself on them, or in flow with them?

It is the difference between the “Industrial” age of selling (transactional), the the “New Age” of selling, (relationship), which is the only place collaboration occurs.

Then you are operating from a higher level of inspired space within the communication that is magical, and the outcome based.

So, if you’re finding that you are in a situation with any of your prospects or customers or clients where you are feeling the need to force yourself on them in order to get a sale, take a step back and STOP doing it.

It’s not going to create you the long-term result that you after.

Moving forward, when you’re engaged with another person, think about are you in force, or are you in flow?

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