Increasing Your Sales Value

Greetings fellow business owners and salespeople!

Today’s blog is based all on your values and how your values will help you make more money in your business!

Recently I had two conversations that prompted this message.

The first was from a post that I saw on a Facebook group, about promoting yourself and your services, which led to a real estate agent who said she would do all this amazing stuff, so much extra work, so much extra value added that no other agent is offering, so that would want to engage her to sell your sell for top dollar.

What she then did was say “Without the fee and costs” the other agents ask for.

Basically, she reduced her fees and promised to increase her service. I want you to think about where this strategy could eventually lead to…

The other point come from a meeting I had that morning about valuing profit.

Make no mistake, we are in business to make money.

When we provide a product or a service to someone who can benefit them, by assisting our clients wants and needs, as a by-product of that service, we make money!

What we see in the business world all the time is the fear of competition, that’s why people then undercut themselves. Look at what the agent just did, to hopefully “win” the listing.

They eventually do themselves out of money which is not a good long-term strategy.

When I make a buying decision, I don’t look at someone who undervalues themselves or their service just to be the cheapest option. I look for people who absolutely value themselves and confidently displays their conviction in their abilities to achieve the results I’m after.

It makes clear sense to me why 50% of business owners fail within the first 12 months of business, and why 80% of those people that started out of business fail in the first 5 years of operation and more so why, only 4% of those people that originally started are still in business 10 years later.

It’s simple, those still in business value themselves, what their products and services do for society and value profit.

So basically, if we don’t value our value that we place on the expertise that we have, we are ripping ourselves off energetically. The universe responds to that vibration and we kill any chance of longevity we have in business, because there is less profit to use in investing in growth and sustainability.

Now, we’ve all been on a journey in life. We’ve all got different skills. We’ve all had different experiences and we all do things in our own way.

That’s the value you bring to the table and that’s why somebody chooses you, over our competitors.

If you want to succeed in business, business is not about the value on what you do, it is 100% on the value you place in what you do, your experience, your skills and your knowledge.

If we don’t value ourselves first, no one else would ever value us second.

It’s really that simple.

To increase your sales, value your value and value the contribution you make to society. Then you will attract your ideal clients who appreciate that, spend more with you and refer the right prospects to you, because they value your value too.

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