Is Instant Gratification Costing You Sales?

Sadly, we live in a world of instant gratification.

All of our consumers want to have everything now, and they want to pay for it later.

So, my question to you is this.

How are you showing up as a business owner if you are operating from this space?

I spoke the other day about prospecting and when it comes to generating new business, our intention is always about making a sale.

Now, if we are operating from that space of instant gratification, we’ve get the lead, we close the sale and we get a result on that outcome straight away.

Sounds simple right?

But, what’s our intention?

What are we thinking about?

Are we thinking about what our prospects, or customers’ needs and wants are?

Or are we thinking about what our wants and needs are?

Is it’s ours, we are operating from our own instant gratification to simply get a sale.

From a consumer’s point of view, they can sniff it a mile away, when there’s a business owner or salesperson that’s looking to get the deal.

They all know that your intentions in this example is to just get a sale. To take their money and move them on…

Sadly, that is short term play.

When we’re in business, we must play the long game.

Yes, we’re going to be able to snack on some low hanging fruit along the way. There’s no question about it. Some people will just buy our services. But if our focus is just to nourish on the quick fix (closing a sale), then we don’t have a long-term sustainable business model for the future.

We kill any chance of having an ongoing revenue stream, that we can rely on with recurring income.

So, if that’s how you operate, you’re doing it all wrong, because your intention is not on being of service.

Your intention is simply on filling your account.

If we switch that around, and we focus on being fed for a longer period of time, building a long-standing business, that is actually a tangible saleable asset at the end of the day, then we don’t come from instant gratification.

Solid results flow from our efforts over long periods of time.

Think about that next time you are seeing a client or potential customer.

Is your intention on you getting the deal or is your intention on being able to solve what they want and what they need?

My promise to you is this. You will absolutely make more sales, at a higher price point, that will create repeat business and referral business opportunities, saving you money, saving you time, and making you money in the process.

Operate from that space. I guarantee you’ll get more sales. I guarantee you’ll get repeat

A very simple message, yet a very powerful one!

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So, with that guys, I want to wish you all an amazing day on planet earth, because you absolutely deserve it.

Till next time.

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