Old School Selling Is Dead

That’s a firm topic to talk about, but it’s a relevant topic because if you look at how business is being done now, people are sick of being sold to, tired of being harassed, tired of being misled and tired of being manipulated to buy.

People know when you are coming straight for their money.

You look at how touchpoints have evolved over the years. If we need to connect with someone 30 plus times, that’s telling us that the system, the method, the process, and the model of how we are selling is broken.

It no longer works. People are disengaged. They’re not interested in what you’ve got to sell them. They’re not even interested in what you’ve got to say. They don’t trust you. They don’t like you. They want nothing to do with you.

It is important to understand how you as a business owner are showing up when it comes to selling your products or your services to your prospective clients, and how they’re feeling when you are talking to them.

What we need to do is reverse engineer our process and it all comes down to understanding what our buyers want, what our buyers need, not what we want and not what we need.

I talk about telling is not selling in my book. We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. And the reason for that is because we need to listen more intently and speak less.

Yet the average salesperson thinks that they need to continually add value, talk more, give more etc. But people are disengaged.

They’ve shut off.

Only 7% of what we say makes a difference in whether people buy or not.

We need to listen more and speak less.

Instead of pitching, we must begin collaborating!

There’s a massive difference between collaborating in a sales process to create an outcome, versus selling in a sales process to.

Collaborating is where deep trust is built.

It’s where the belief in our ability to produce is built.

When we are collaborating, we’re listening deeper and understanding more in what our prospective buyer wants.

It also demonstrates how much we understand them.

We need to lead people to an authentic outcome. And when we are in collaboration mode, we can absolutely create a win-win scenario.

Then, if you can’t deliver on that outcome, you must refer them to someone that you know, can. Your credibility goes through the roof.

When operating from that space, we are operating from service. We are not operating from KPI.

We’re operating for the greater good of the end user.

We’re not operating for the greater good for ourselves.

And that is where the magic is.

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