Phone Fear

Do you suffer from phone fear?

So many people in business are afraid to pick up the phone and call someone.

Why is that?

It’s quite simple…

The reason people have phone fear is because they’re afraid of rejection on the other end of the phone, not the phone itself.

The handset is not going kill you. It’s plastic. But it has a lot of emotional and psychological weight attached to it.

Because of that, most people never pick up the phones and make the desired sales calls.

They don’t make their follow up calls either, all because of rejection.

So, how do we overcome that?

Well, there’s, there’s a couple of things to really focus on when it comes to overcoming phone fear.

One, just understand that people not saying no to you as a person, they are saying no to whatever it is that you’re trying to sell them!

Firstly, what we need to do, is have the right intention. Be clear on the reason we’re picking up the phone.

If we’re picking up the phone with the single intention of trying to get a sale, then better get used to rejection. Time to build thick skin.

The direct sales world only has a 3% return. Generate one hundred leads, get three sales. That’s it.

Why? Because people know they are being sold to, and that’s why they don’t answer calls, or return them.

Now, first thing everyone must do, is ask if they have time to talk to you.

How frustrating it is when someone just goes straight for the kill and doesn’t ask you for permission to talk? Get permission from them regardless is this is the first time you have spoken or a follow-up call.

Ask if now’s a good time. If the answer is yes, off you go with … I was wondering if you can help me…

These questions give permission to open conversation, because people love to help people and now is a good time for that.

Finally, to really overcome phone fear, you do need to master your communication.

The reason I am great on the phone now is I understand how to build unconscious rapport.

I put a picture quote in my Facebook group recently about communication from what I learned back in my NLP days. That is, tonality makes up 38% of communication and words are only 7%.

What we are missing over the phone, is the physical component of rapport, which makes up 55% of all human connection.

The 45% of communication now becomes 100%, because that’s all we have.

This takes serious training and thousands of calls, but when you master it, look out, your conversion rates will go through the roof!

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