Do you prejudge your leads, or do you pre-qualify your leads?

There is a massive difference, yet when living in a transactional environment, too often I see business owners prejudging all potential prospects with, “How much money can I make from you”.

Let me ask, do you understand the difference is between prejudging and pre-qualifying?

It’s simple.

If we are prejudging, we are looking at this particular person right now with the intention purely on, do I have the ability to close a sale, now.

If we are pre-qualifying, what we’re doing is we are moving into collaboration mode, and we start asking questions from our prospects to understand what their needs and wants are, and why that is important to them. From there we can ascertain if we can be of service to them.

The difference is closing a sale now, versus building and deepening a relationship for an ongoing purpose.

The best referrals that you will always get will be from people that you have collaborated with, not those you have tried to close.

One most important lesson I learned very early on in my business career was to treat every single lead, as the most important “person” coming to my business today.

This was the complete opposite to my commission sales days, when I treated every lead as a lead, somebody I needed to close, in order to make money.

Looking to expand our businesses for future growth, it imperative to build solid foundations, for a deeper relationship, on an ongoing basis, over a longer period of time.

Done right, the average lifetime value of a raving fan is 3 years. Think about how much extra profit you are creating for yourself when operating this way, instead of looking for the next kill for tonight’s dinner.

Having the intention of service, we’re looking at people to see whether they qualify for what we do and whether we qualify for what they want. It’s a win:win.

To help save on time, we can do this process simply in the pre-qualifying step, with simple tools like questionnaires and surveys etc. You can also have direct questions that you want to ask them that non-intrusive, to ensure we can serve.

And the power in this process comes if we honestly tell them we can’t and explain why.

And here’s the kicker. That one person that you honestly say no too, could be the best raving fan you will ever generate for your business.

Simply because they know that you had their interests at heart.

I highly encourage you to look at whether you are prejudging or pre-qualifying, and whilst doing so, think about the long-term vision that you have for your business.

If you would like to know more on how you can improve your offerings this way, you are very welcome to make a time in my diary for a free 15-minute strategy call. Happy to discuss this further with you.

Make it a great day on planet earth, you absolutely deserve it!

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