Sales is a long-term game

What I see a lot of now is people that are looking for instant results, which makes sense in a world full of instant gratification.

But what we know, is that business is a long-term play.

When we go into business, we go into business with the idea of creating a better future life for ourselves.

Sadly, we have no control over our long-term future as life will and does throw us many curve balls, which makes sense to again why people are going for that short term fix.

So, instead, I prefer to focus more on what I can see happen in the short to medium term. Say, three to five years.

I don’t agree with 10-year plans, for this reason.

To achieve our medium-term results, it makes more sense to set ourselves up and play the medium-long term game. If we are fixed on achieving short term results, there’s a disconnect.

For example. I was talking to a gentleman last week who was struggling getting sales in his business. He’s tried “so many” different things, that have “not worked”.

The reason that none of its worked is because he’s “tried the short-term fix”, looking for instant results.

Now you will get instant results that come as a by-product of playing that long game, (that’s the universe reward you for your consistency), but you’re not always going to get those instant results initially.

There’s a big difference.

So, when I’m working with business owners to increase their sales conversion rates and profits, we need to readjust the mindset that goes into this.

When you’re looking at a sales and marketing campaign, the first thing we need to do is give ourselves time for it to work.

Understanding again, that touch points are 21-30 times before people recognize our brand and we build enough trust for them to want to engage, that’s why again, the focus needs to shift to med-long term value ad.

I like to focus on 90-day plans.

We can work in three-month blocks. This gives us time to put into place A, B and C (whatever is required) to help us achieve that long term result that we’re working towards.

After that 90-day period, we need to be able to sit back and assess, reassess and adjust. The road to success is not like the M1, straight from Sydney to Brisbane. It’s like the great Ocean Road in Melbourne the is constantly bending, moving, swaying in directions with lots of stops along the way.

When we are thinking long term play, long term success, we move away from closing the sale now, and we move into the relationship sale of understanding problems, co-creating solutions, quantifying outcomes, and validating results.

During this process is where the trust is built. The value of your service increases (so does your price) and long-term client retention kicks in.

It moves us away from the short-term transaction, looking for the deal to close, and moves us into the nurturing and caring phase.

That’s why you must have the right funnel system. So that your prospects want to choose your business over your competitors.

Moving forward, with every new prospect that you’re seeing now, have the attitude of long-term play and watch what happens.

After a small period of learning how to master that, you can fill your funnels with more prospects, and before long you will have plenty people popping out and doing great business with you.

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