Is The Great Resignation Costing You Sales?

The great resignation is costing you and your business sales.

We’re seeing people resigning from their positions, which is creating a massive impact on small to medium business, but there is a quick and simple solution to the problem.

I talk about this in my training, where it’s about aligning our values from top to bottom. When we as an organisation are fully aligned, the grass is never greener on the other side!

Better still, your staff never want to leave and are fully invested in your mission.

So, let’s look at the simple disconnect.

Business owners want to make as much money as they can, spending the least amount of money out as possible to do so.

Workers want to earn as much money as we can and do the least amount of work as possible to earn that!

When there’s a massive disconnect like this, it creates a huge problem for employers because they’re constantly rehiring and the cost of rehiring is astronomical, not only in terms of what it costs you financially, but also the downtime that it costs you in finding the right candidate, training the right candidate, and upskilling them so they can do their jobs effectively.

You give them a three-month probation period to make sure that they can do that job, only to have to redo it all over again six months, 12 months, or 18 months later.

And for those who don’t know, average sales burnout is 18 months. So, if you’re constantly in that merry-go-round wheel of rehiring, you are never going to be making optimum sales.

That’s why during the great resignation, we need to get smarter.

And for those that take this message on you, watch how your business not only survives a possible recession, but thrives from the recession moving forward.

So here it is.

Human beings only want two, maybe three things.

People want to be appreciated, loved and accepted.

So, appreciation and let’s look at this from a business point of view.

It’s a bit weird to love someone you work with, but you can very much like them and absolutely appreciate them. Not only can you like them, but you can take a vested interest in them and their lives.

If you are a business owner that does that and spends time looking at your staff and understanding your staff and wanting to help your staff achieve their goals in life, what do you think those staff members will do for you? And your business?

It’s very different to business owners that threaten their staff, that everyone is replaceable.

If you show them enough love and enough care about who they are, what’s important to them, what motivates them to achieve the goals that they want, I guarantee you, they will be the first person to clock on.

They will be the last person to clock off.

They will be the first one that comes to you with solutions to problems. They will absolutely have a much higher “buy-in” into you because you’ve bought into in them.

It is simply known as the las of reciprocity.

So, if you buy in into your staff first, not yourself, they will buy into you and deliver at a level you never thought possible from them. What would that then do to your business?

The second thing is accepting them.

As humans, we all crave to be accepted for who we are.

I just see it all the time where the staff are just not accepted for who they are and what they what they do and subsequently they’re not appreciated either.

They’re never rewarded for the value that they bring to the table, particularly commissions. They are de-incentivised by unrealistic KPI’s.

And in so many cases, business owners keep changing the goal posts. They’re changing the playing field all the time. They’re changing the conditions. All for the greater good of the “Business”, where in fact, when they make it the greater good of their “People”, the business is always taken care of.

So, if we can increase those motivation levels, if we can show our appreciation for the work that they do, and who they are as people, then they care more for us. They end up being our best marketers, salespeople, and HR departments.

They end up recruiting likeminded and similar valued people for us, as they are constantly advocating for your entire business!

So if you want to avoid the great resignation, if you want to stop your staff going elsewhere, the simplest way to do that is to buy in to them, their wants and their needs, so that their productivity, their motivation and their output goes through the roof for you.

Very simple message. I hope you run with it. I hope you can take it on board, and I hope you can make some changes in your business to reflect that for your staff tomorrow.

On a different note, if you ever want to discuss how you do that, you can book a time into my diary. You can make a free 15 minute call.

Here’s the link:

Just go there, book a call. We can look at what you’re doing now, how you’re doing it and how you can be doing it better.

And if I can assist you with that then great. But if not, hopefully this video gives you enough insight on how you can be operating differently to avoid the great resignation.

Make it a great day on planet earth!

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