Touch Points In Selling

I’ve been speaking a lot about it recently in relation to touch points.

Do you know why have touchpoints for people gone right through the roof?  I speak in, in my online webinar about how we need 21 touch points, just for someone to remember us. And we need another seven touch points of actual interaction with these people before they’re ready to buy from us. So that is now 28 touch points that we need to have with a person in order for them to feel comfortable with us, 28!.

Now, I don’t know about you, but from my perspective, I see that as a complete waste of time, a complete waste of money, a complete waste of resources and energy, in essentially spamming people.

Now, why is that? Why do people need to have so many touch points in order to connect with us?

It’s simple.

People have been misled, people have been lied to, people have been taken advantage of, and people have been sold products and services that they don’t want or need from other salespeople over the years.

And what that does is that affects their buying decisions from this day forward for every single interaction they have with anybody in the future.

This is exactly why it is vitally important for us to change the way that we’re doing business with people.

My three-step system is simple.

Step number one is connect; Step number two is communicate; Step number three is convert.

We need to start straight away with our connection. And when we’re connecting with that audience, we’re connecting with them as who we are, not what we do

There’s going to be a lot of marketing companies that are not going to appreciate what I’m going to say now, but I’m going to say anyway.

In the world of marketing, they teach you to find your ideal avatar.

Who is that person that you’re marketing to?

An avatar is a fake person. You’ve made up that individual. It’s someone in your mind that you think you’re attracting.

Then what you do is you put all your resources into finding a fake person. Essentially, you’re doing a fake piece of marketing towards a fake person. And why does that fake person not by. Because they don’t exist! They’re fake. They they’re not real.

People are craving real connection now.

When we’re out there marketing to people, what we do, how we do it must be a direct reflection of who we are.

People buy off you because of who you are first. So, if you want to get more sales, you want to be getting yourself out to your audience in an authentic way, that they are connecting with who you are right at the beginning.

When they connect with who you are right at the beginning, your levels of trust with that person go through the roof. They’re not trying to catch you out. They’re not trying to look for anything that’s dodgy. There is no moreā€¦ this sounds too good to be. Their BS detectors are always going off because someone, somewhere, sometime has misled you into buying their products or services.

If that’s how you behave as a salesperson or a business owner, I guarantee you if you’re misleading people, well, they will never rebuy from you and most importantly never speak kindly about you or what you do.

Remember, every single person that we connect with has a network of 150 people. Every conversation we have is not only with the prospect, but their entire network.

The smash and grab approach of hunting and getting a sale, hunting and getting a sale, hunting and getting a sale, is short term vision and a method that is dying a rapid death. If you want to get more sales, you must get better at how you prospect. My tip today is, when we are being authentic with our communication, the very first piece of communication that our prospects must see, must be an exact representation of who we are, not what we do. That increases trust levels through the roof.

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