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Using Scripts for The Right Reasons

Hey guys, Adam here from the Authentic Sales Training Academy, coming to you with some more tips today on how you can increase, your conversions and your sales when it comes to selling.

Today, I want to talk to you about scripts and how to use scripts properly.

Scripts are an important part of processes in businesses, particularly when you’re training new sales staff so that they know exactly how to be connecting with the customers. How to be asking the right questions, but most importantly, understanding what the right process is going to be from the time they either pick up the phone or they walk into a potential client at the beginning.

As a sales coach and a sales trainer, I’ve used scripts for many years and scripts are great for these reasons. However, where scripts are not good is when we’re using scripts deliberately from the beginning to the end, with the outcome only to get the person to say yes and to buy.

So, if you’re using scripts to take people on this wonderful journey, to ultimately get them to sign up with you, or to buy from you, then you’re using scripts for the wrong reasons.

Scripts should only be used for when you’re wanting to gather some more information, and you’re really wanting to identify how you can genuinely help someone. As well as keeping the systems and the processes in place for all your sales staff that you’re training along the way.

So yes, I highly recommend scripts because you can monitor the performance from your sales team. You can tell when they’re performing well and when they’re not performing well. Chances are, if they’ve deviated way off the script and they’re just working straight off the cuff.

For some people that’s the most authentic way to sell, but for most people it’s not the way that they go about selling because they do struggle with that. And many people do need to have a proven system to follow in order for them to be able to perform at their best ability.

I’ll give you an example.

When I was training on the phones, I used to have a script in place and we’d have the beginning of the script, which was the opening, it was the rapport building part of the presentation. Then we’d get into the body of the script which was all designed on building pain and taking people on this wonderful journey that they didn’t need to go on.

Then it came to the close and that was when you just got the solution for them. So if you’re going to use a script for that purpose, throw it out, get out of that habit, that’s not how you want to be doing business.

You only want to be doing business from a space where you learn how to connect with them properly, you learn how to discover and identify what the person’s true needs and wants are, and you know how to take them on that right process from start to finish for them. A script is brilliant for keeping salespeople on point.

The most important part of scripts though, which I haven’t shared yet and I’ll share with you now is that scripts are just a framework to work from. When I say framework, this is the body that we want to move up and down in.

A great salesperson can come in and out of their script, if they’ve got behavioral flexibility to weave their personality throughout the script. When you’re weaving yourself throughout the script and you’re bringing more of yourself into it, that’s when you’re going to really create rapport and that’s when you’re going to build a lot of trust because you’re authentically talking to someone instead of just reading out a flat script.

I can honestly say, the amount of people that would say to me or my sales teams when we were first getting going, are you just reading a script? The answer is always yes, I am. If you lie to people you’re dead in the water before you begin, because people can tell when you’re reading a script.

So be yourself, be authentic in the way that you’re using the scripts, use the scripts as a process to follow so that you know that you’re on track to help the end user with whatever they’re needing.

If you are liking that tip, and looking for some more help with your sales teams or wish to take your business to another level, then connect with me. You can register for a free one-on-one discovery call here: and we can talk about whether my coaching would be suitable for you.

I also have my six-pillar sales training system, it’s an online sales course which is designed to transform the way you go about selling and doing things for the right reasons, with the right people, for the best outcome of them. So, if you want to get your hands on that online program reach out to me as well.

I’m excited to be sharing what I know with you so that collectively we can change the way sales are made worldwide. You make it a great day because you absolutely deserve it.

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